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Remove those sickening Pests and Bugs from the premises of your homes and offices through our Fumigation and Pest Control Services. Our solutions assist in the effective prevention of pest in household and commercial premises like Residential spaces, Hotels, Resorts, Ware houses, and Commercial Complexes. We experts are proficient in identifying all kinds of infestations and provide solutions accordingly. We undertake quarterly fumigation of premises; Larviciding, Mist fogging, Spraying, Dusting.

Most of the pests have serious potential health risks and hazards being vectors, carriers and or transmitters of various diseases. These diseases have been found to be under-diagnosed in our environment due to dearth of modern diagnostic facilities. Thus a number of fevers assumed to be malaria fever are actually due to some of these pest borne diseases.
Examples include;
I.   Plague – deadly disease vectored by rodent and rats
II.  Leptospirosis – vectored by rodents and rats
III. Tulaeremia – vectored by flies
IV. Relapsing fevers – vectored by louse and tick
V.  Oroya Fever- transmitted by sand flies
VI. Enteric fevers (Typhoid and Paratyphoid) – flies play a significant role in transmission
VII. Food Poisoning and Cholera – vectored by houseflies (Musca domestica) and a host of other common communicable diseases, which impair health, increase medical expenditure, reduce productive man-hours and ultimately reduce organizational productivity and effectiveness. It is therefore imperative to ensure that regular pest control activities are carried out to avoid the physically, psychologically and financially costly prospect of pest related diseases.

… Your health is Important to us; Let’s Fumigate your property today…